Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness/ Anxiety is a natural, human response to stressful or challenging situations. Everyone will experience feelings of anxiety and panic at certain times in their life, but for some, they may experience heightened states of anxiety which can lead to panic attacks. This can manifest in many ways, and can happen at any time and …

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Research Chemicals

Research Chemicals/ Alternative medicines, including herbal supplements, have gained widespread popularity and are currently a multibillion-dollar business. Hundreds of these supplements contain stimulants as active ingredients. In 1994, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act essentially exempted dietary supplements from FDA regulation. This allows stimulants to be sold as food supplements, thereby avoiding governmental regulation. …

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7 Ways Crystal Meth Will Ruin Your Life

CRYSTAL METH ADDICTION/ Crystal methamphetamine, aka “crystal meth,” is a dangerous and illicit street drug. The legal ramifications of its use, possession, or sale are dire and often result in life-changing consequences, including everything from steep fines to jail time. Not only are the repercussions of crystal meth addiction catastrophic from a legal perspective,  but …

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